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Our residential work ranges from home renovations and additions to complete construction of full turn key homes. From visualization to construction, we work with our clients to assure their aspirations become a reality.  Our visualization process allows clients to see, understand and manipulate their ideas to successfully reach their end goal.



With over 30 years of experience in the fields of architecture and construction, we've developed a diverse commercial portfolio ranging from tenant build-outs to multi-story office and retail buildings exceeding 100,000 square feet. Whatever the project may be, our experience and knowledge allows us to deliver the most functional and visually pleasing outcome possible.


Our multi-family residences cover a wide array of styles and markets. Whether it be a duplex home or a 50+ unit building, our goal is to combine captivating exteriors with comfortable and functional interiors to create a great place to call home.



Architect, T.A. Krebs has been established for over 30 years. We are a full service diversified Architecture firm with expertise in all phases of a project from site selection, programming, master planning, preliminary design thru construction documents, bidding and architectural project management to final delivery. We lead and coordinate all of the work provided by consultants in the areas of structural engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, and electrical engineering. 


Architect, T.A. Krebs has had the opportunity to implement LEED strategies in many of the buildings we have designed/ renovated. The latest project to receive LEED certification was a learning facility for Kimal Lumber Company in Venice, Florida. Energy efficiency and material selections are a focus of every project we specify in our office.  Often green friendly construction is only a matter of the correct specifications and not a cost item for the client. We work to continually researching new products as this is a fast changing industry as more companies look to develop greener products. 

There are areas of projects where the green decision has a cost associated with it. Some items have a direct return on investment while others are strictly environmentally based. We will typically analyze the costs vs. long term benefits and present them to the client for their input and final recommendations as part of the team. Our team consist of experts in their individual fields with each member constantly researching the latest technology and techniques in their area of expertise.




The majority of our projects are computer modeled in our office. Our software allows us to create realistic images of the project inside and out, and visually look at any details of the project that would be necessary. Our 3d design capability assists in the design process for our office as well as presentations to the clients. The client will understand exactly what they are getting for the build project from the wall locations to the colors. The project range that we specialize in allows us to understand the projects in their entirety including every pipe, conduit, duct beam etc. to avoid any conflicts in the construction. We utilize the latest version of Auto Cad, Photoshop, Cinema 4d, sketch up, Microsoft Office products and Adobe Products. We have a full range of printers and scanners in house as well as 24”x36” full color printers.


West Office: 

1460 S. McCall Rd. Suite 4a

Englewood, FL 34223

Tel: 941-475-7327

East Office:

308 SW 6th St, Unit 1

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315

Tel: 954-999-0488

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